Dekhan Corporation / D-Tac is a garment and soft goods manufacturing company. We only produce according to the design provided by the customer in form of design patterns, samples, and/or sketches, we do not run our own OEM collection. The products shown on this website are for reference only to give an impression of the production techniques we are capable of. In no manner whatsoever is it a product catalog from which customers can select products. All customers must comply with the laws and intellectual property in force in their country and in the countries where the respective products are marketed. We reject products from production that we know to violate laws or infringe the intellectual property of others. The responsibility for the provided designs lies solely with the respective customer, Dekhan Corporation / D-Tac will not take any responsibility or liability for the designs provided by the customer.

We do not sell to end customers.

D-TAC by Dekhan Corporation © 2021. All rights reserved.

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